Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles

Lucky J’s
5703 Burnet Road, 512.300.6262

In a town like Austin where Tex-Mex is king and barbeque a close second in command, you usually have to go to a national mutant-meat chain if you’re craving fried chicken. Not only does Lucky J’s fill that fowl-shaped hole in local menus, they drizzle it with maple syrup and serve it on top of golden waffles.

Inspired by Harlem soul food diners and the popular California chain Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles, experienced Austin chef Jason Umlus (Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Roux on 6th) recently opened the city’s first mobile-eatery dedicated to this artery clogging combo. Lucky J’s red and black checkered trailer on Burnet Road serves tender on-the-bone leg, wing, thigh and breast meat under a crispy layer of fried goodness, alongside generous helpings of freshly-pressed waffles. You’ll be surprised how well syrup compliments the savory flavor of the chicken. Wash it all down with home-brewed sweet tea, or if you’re thirsty for something stronger, Lucky J’s encourages customers to bring their own alcohol so you don’t have to sip on that sizzurp to get a buzz.

Their weekend brunch menu remixes the town’s ubiquitous breakfast tacos by wrapping ham, sausage, potatoes and cheese in waffles instead of tortillas, making for a satisfying hangover cure. Live bands on Saturdays and open turntables on Sundays (wash those greasy paws first, scratch-master) also make Lucky J’s an ideal afternoon pre-partying spot if you’re not too obliterated from the night before.

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